Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Novel:Live

I've signed up to volunteer as a managing editor for The Novel:Live, a wildly creative event here in Seattle. 36 writers will collaborate on writing a book on one week's time - each contributing 2 hours of writing time starting tomorrow - Monday, Oct. 11th. I plan to share my experiences here - will take some photos and post them.

The event wil be streamed live and you can follow it from

More as it happend!!


  1. This sounds like an amazing, exciting event! Did you have fun during your two hours??

  2. Yes - it was fun - working with the synopsizer and preparing to pass material on to the 2nd writer "at bat," and then seeing how differently the Teri Hein's approach to the material was. Each new writer seems to bond with a different character, which bodes well for the complete book. I'll be on site at Hugo House again on Thursday morning, and in the meantime will watch the live stream and try to stay current.